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Asteroids, in the game of Astro Lords: Oort Cloud, is where the player can mine for crystals, construct and upgrade buildings, produce various types of ammunition, get workers, explorers, spies, etc.

The player can capture up to 5 additional asteroids, which they can use for mining.


Movement[edit | edit source]

Players can move their asteroids within the Oort Cloud. To do that, they are required to learn corresponding science.

Players can move their asteroids to:

  • Explore nebulas that are rich in crystals and other useful elements
  • Search for victims
  • Trade or find favorable prices on the market
  • Transfer resources
  • Chase their enemies
  • Escape from robbers or invaders
  • Commit clan raids
  • Find safe places in trade zones
  • Be hired by other players to accompany their weak asteroids
  • Explore empty sectors of the outer space (in the area of radar coverage), where players can find resources as well as many other bonuses.