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Premium services are special features available to players in the game of Astro Lords: Oort Cloud.

These services are intended to speed up the player's progress in the game. To open Premium services window, the player needs to hit corresponding button in the top panel.


Premium Services[edit | edit source]

  • Enables the player to queue the sciences they wish to acquire
  • Extended construction: gives the player the additional slot in construction and upgrade queues, allowing one to construct or upgrade more buildings simultaneously
  • Premium avatars: enables the player to choose an avatar from the Premium tab

Specials[edit | edit source]

  • Extended espionage: provides the player with 5 slots in "Diplomacy" window; Espionage tab.
  • Extended Pirate Raids: gives the player 3 slots in "Diplomacy" window; Raids tab.
  • Auto purchase: +1 slot for auto purchase at the Market
  • 3D class conservation Magnetic Retainer: saves tritium the player finds


Auto Exploration[edit | edit source]

Premium autopilot.png

Automatically dispatches a pre-selected number of explorers to every unidentified object spotted on the radar.

Auto Espionage[edit | edit source]

Premium autoSpy.png

Automatically dispatches a pre-selected number of spies to every Alien asteroid spotted on the radar.

Note: For this service to work, the player needs to have at least one free espionage slot.

Auto Equip[edit | edit source]

Premium eqip ship.png

Automatically equips the player's space ship with weapons selected at the Hangar.

Auto Repair[edit | edit source]

Premium minibot AutoEq.png

Automatically loads minibots onto the damaged ship.

Unlimited Messages[edit | edit source]

Premium cloud exp.png

Enables the player to send unlimited messages in chat.

  • Increases Contact List capacity by 100
  • Increases Ignore List capacity by 10

Instant Construction[edit | edit source]

Premium construction complete.png

Instantly completes construction or upgrade of a building.

Energy Production[edit | edit source]

Premium electro plus25.png

Increases production of energy by 25%.

Transferring Resources[edit | edit source]

Premium exchange asteroid.png

Enables the player to transfer resources between their asteroids without losses.

Turning the StarBase Off[edit | edit source]

Premium invis.png

Accelerates the process of turning the asteroid's StarBase off.

Instant Cyborg Production[edit | edit source]

Premium kiborgs complete.png

Enables the player to instantly complete production of cyborgs.

Acceleration of Cyborg Production[edit | edit source]

Premium kiborgs fast.png

Accelerates the process of cyborg production.

Improved Science[edit | edit source]

Premium MAIN plus25.png

Increases the speed at which science is acquired by 25%; affects all bases.

Increased Mining[edit | edit source]

Premium mining plus25.png

Increases extraction of crystals by 25%.

Auto Purchase[edit | edit source]

Premium rebuild.png

Enables the player to have the additional overlimit sale lot at all their Astro-Markets.

Auto purchase adds one Auto Purchase slot at all player's Astro-Markets allowing one to purchase resources even while offline. The maximum is 15.

Acceleration of Ammunition Production[edit | edit source]

Premium shells plus25.png

Accelerates production of ammunition by 25%.

StarBase Auto Equip[edit | edit source]

Premium sterport AutoEq.png

Enables the player to automatically equip their StarBases.