Astro Lords: Oort Cloud Wiki

The player needs to register at by entering an email address and choosing their username and password, or by logging in with their Facebook account.

To play in browser, they need to download and install Unity Web Player for Windows or Mac OS:

Once installed, the player can enter the game at


Once they have registered, the player can launch the game, meet their Advisors and follow the tutorial quests.

They can skip the Tutorial at any time by clicking "Skip Tutorial" at the bottom-right corner of the screen, but it is better to complete all the tutorial quests, which last until the second training battle.

If the player completes all of the tutorial quests, they will receive additional resources to build their basic infrastructure, and also earn their first Rune.

To grow quickly, the player should keep an eye on new quests in the Advisors window and complete them.

Choose and upgrade a Captain[]

Recruiting your first Captain is very important. There are 7 classes the player can choose from. Each of them has their own unique skills so the player should choose wisely.

The player can recruit the second Captain after playing just a few days and studying the necessary science.

Here is a list of some Captains advantages:

  • Spy is useful up to 5th level.
    • premium class primary ship.
  • Warrior is extremely useful after he gains the 5+ level.
    • premium Frigate
    • +5% to damage dealt by any weapon (max: +50%).
  • Scientist gets more experience points than other Captains.
    • increases the asteroid's scientific progress.
  • Manufacturer improves the extraction of crystals.

To learn more, have a look at their skills.

If the player plans to use their Captain in battle, they need to acquire some piloting skills (at least Frigate).

The second important thing the player needs to keep in mind is Captains' weaponry skills, Volley of Rockets in particular. We recommend that the player upgrades their volley fire skills to the maximum if possible.

Standard Bazooka, which is unlimited, is the most frequently used ammunition in battle.

What's next?[]

1. Follow your Advisors.

  • The player can find them at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • The Advisors help players progress in the game by providing them with quests and rewarding them after they have been completed.

2. Improve your asteroid.

3. Improve your Captains.

4. Explore the Oort Cloud.